(January 2006 - March 2007)

3 March 2007
Friday the 13th + e-Ring on TV - Friday The 13th: The Series is now available on a new horror channel called Chiller TV available only through subscription with satellite provider DirecTV in the USA. Series airs twice per day at 8 am & 6 pm (ET). Check out the message board for episode discussions. John's appearances on the NBC drama series e-Ring will be available on the FX Channel UK in approximately the next four weeks. Starting with episode #18 "Brothers In Arms" there should be three (3) apppearances in total.

27 October 2006
Commercial for Walgreen + eRing tv appearances - John completed a commercial for Walgreen Drugstores. Air date will be announced when available. The IMDb has finally updated the file with the correct number of Friday the 13th: The Series episodes + adding a credit for the season 3 episode "Bad Penny" in the 'Archival Footage' category. And we've uploaded a new photo on this page featuring John as Congressman Rosenblatt on the NBC tv drama eRing. Three episodes were filmed in Winter/Spring 2006 but not yet available on DVD. We'll keep you posted. Lastly, we've moved the 2005 news to a separate page. Scroll down to the News Archive section to click on the link.

12 October 2006
JOHN D. LeMay on DVD - John's guest appearances on the following tv series are now available officiallly on DVD: Tour of Duty (season 3) and Highway to Heaven (season 3). The Distillery District website from Toronto now includes Friday the 13th The Series on its Hollywood North tv list. Click on the "Hollywood North" link and scroll down to see the cast names which appear in the order as set out in the Paramount TV press release in 1987. The file for Friday the 13th: The Series in the IMDb has changed. We've placed a request for further amendments to the list that will include the addition of John's name for 53 episodes rather than 3 episodes as currently listed.

14 May 2006
LOWE'S COMMERCIAL - John has completed a new commercial for Lowe's Home Improvement Store. It has aired during the current NBA finals. John plays a manager who directs a group of employees. We don't have a screen capture (yet). For viewers who have seen the commercial, please email us to let us know time and date of airing. John also completed a video cameo for a new show at The Alliance Repertory. And he continues to serve as Chair of the theatre. Lastly, we've moved the 2004 updates to a new page. See link to the archives below.

15 March 2006
CISCO COMMERCIAL now available online - Click here to access the video archives page over at the official Cisco website. Scroll down to the February 6, 2006 update titled "The Match: Confidence Powered By Cisco". We've added this update to the commercials page. John's appearance on e-Ring will air some time in April or May. We'll keep you posted. There will be two appearances.

4 March 2006
CISCO COMMERCIAL AIRING NOW !! - John's commercial for Cisco has been seen on ESPN 2 in the USA during weekend basketball games. Also, we'd like to hear from overseas fans, if you've seen John's commercials (past and present), let us know! Remember ... look for the chess player in the blue suit. Other news ... John guest starred on an episode of E-Ring as a politician. We hope to have details very soon on air dates and more. Thank you to Keith for providing us with the ESPN update.