"Friday The 13th: The Series Launches Second Season
With 26 New Episodes"

HOLLYWOOD -- When Frank Mancuso Jr. was asked to create a syndicated series that would translate the excitement and terror of his blockbuster "Friday The 13th" motion pictures to television, he was intrigued by the challenge. Viewers are intrigued by the results.

During its highly successful first season, "Friday The 13th: The Series" found a large and loyal audience by eliminating the graphic gore that characterized the movies of the same name, and focusing instead on unusual stories filled with mystery and suspense, high production values, and an appealing cast of continuing characters. The HOLLYWOOD DAILY REPORTER and DAILY VARIETY, respectively, hailed it as a "well crafted, expensively mounted entry" and "a successful terror tease blistfully devoid of blood, full of the supernatural and imagination." As a crowning touch to its successful first season, the series was honored with an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Achievement in Graphic Design and Title Sequences.

The second season of 26 hour-long episodes premieres the week of September 26 on over 185 stations representing more than 96% of the U.S. viewing households. It also makes its debut internationally in the fall of 1988.

Originally developed for late-night, the appeal of "Friday The 13th: The Series" has proven so strong with audiences, increasing station shares and delivering impressive demographics, that the series will be aired in primetime and access time periods in 60% of the country for the 1988-89 season. It reigns as the No. 2 series among all weekly first-run syndicated programs for men 18-34, 18-49, 25-54, women 18-34, 18-49, and teens.

"Friday The 13th: The Series" follows the adventures of two distant cousins who inherit a mysterious antique store. It is only after they sell off the contents that they learn all the antiques carried a deadly curse. From a scalpel that turns a gifted surgeon into a killer, a glove that gives a faith healer miracle cures, to a theatrical makeup kit that turns an ugly and deformed actor into a movie star idol, each item must be retrieved before its deadly powers are unleashed.

John D. LeMay and Robey star as cousins Ryan Dallion and Micki Foster. Chris Wiggins is Jack Marshak, an eccentric antiques dealer whose knowledge of the mystical and the occult helps the pair track down the cursed items.

"Friday The 13th: The Series" is produced by Triumph Entertainment Corporation of Canada in association with Hometown Films, and is distributed by Paramount Domestic Television. Frank Mancuso Jr. is the executive producer, Jon Andersen is supervising producer. The series was created by Larry B. Williams and Frank Mancuso Jr.


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