"Friday The 13th: The Series" - first-run syndication suspense program distributed by Paramount Domestic Television, brings the horror genre back to television in an hour-long mystery/thriller format. The cast of continuing characters threads humor and warmth through a tapestry of horror and spine-chilling mystery as they unravel the secrets of a past made with the devil.


"Friday The 13th: The Series" centers on Ryan Dallion (John D. LeMay) and Micki Foster (Robey) two distant cousins brought together by a strange inheritance: an antique store left to them by a mysterious uncle.

Deciding to liquidate, it is only after they have started to sell off the store's merchandise that they learn of the true circumstances surrounding their Uncle Lewis' death. Lewis Vendredi, seeking wealth and immortality, sold his soul to the devil, who in exchange cursed all the antiques in Vendredi's store turning them into instruments of evil. When Uncle Lewis, devastated by the price of greed, tried to break the deal, he was killed.

After finding a dusty manifest listing every object and to whom it was sold, the horrified cousins realize that anyone now in possession of a a Lewis Vendredi antique is doomed. Teaming up with Jack Marshak (Chris Wiggins), an eccentric dealer in antiquities, they race against time and fate to retrieve each evil item before tragedy strikes.


For RYAN DALLION (portrayed by John D. LeMay), the antique store represents the ultimate adventure. Young, bubbling with exuberance, and a sense of adventure, he is delighted with the challenge of outwitting the devil. Ryan's non-stop chatter, and wry sense of humor belies his self-assured, fearless demeanour. A pop culture junkie and liberal thinker, he believes in hunches, dreams, and the unbelievable, and is always the one to inject humor into the most serious situations.

For MICKI FOSTER (played by Robey) the antique store is the ultimate albatross. Practical and stubborn, she views the store as an unnecessary headache, distracting her from her career goals. Nonetheless, her strong sense of morality compels her to right the terrible events set in motion by her late uncle and do everything in her power to prevent any further loss of life. Skeptical by nature, rational by choice, she relies on logic and common sense, with mixed results, to battle the occult.

JACK MARSHAK (portrayed by Chris Wiggins) is the quintessential eccentric. Bizarre yet brilliant, he is intrigued by all things strange and mysterious. His vast knowledge of the occult and mystical arcana is the product of an open mind and years of travelling. A trader and dealer in rare artifacts, he is usually the first to detect one of the cursed antiques. He understands the enormity of the task that Micki and Ryan face, and though he's not always there to protect them, his expertise often helps to shed light on solutions to the most difficult predicaments.

"Friday The 13th: The Series" is produced by Triumph Entertainment Corporation of Canada in association with Hometown Films, and is distributed by Paramount Domestic Television. Frank Mancuso Jr. is the executive producer, Jon Andersen is supervising producer. The series was created by Larry B. Williams and Frank Mancuso Jr.


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