Internet Movie Database (IMDb) - actor file with links to trivia, other works, & online retailers.

Friday The 13th Films - inclusion of John's bio for the cast and crew of "Jason Goes To Hell" part 9 of the Friday The 13th Films saga. By Brenna O'Brien.

All Movie Guide (AMG) - alternate actor file with additional titles not contained in the IMDb.

The 13th Hour - John's exclusive interview on the character of Ryan Dallion (December 1999).

Friday The 13th - A complete look at Friday The 13th The Series with original reviews for all three seasons, actor profiles and *NEW* message forum organzied by topic. Designed & maintained by Ed Payne. Join the chat today and take the polls! - Buy John's video "Jason Goes To Hell" at

Chris Wiggins - A fan tribute site dedicated to John's long-time friend and professional colleague, Canadian actor, Chris Wiggins. Site contains biography, filmography, photos of cast and crew of Friday The 13th: The Series, and more. Look for John's website URL on the links page.


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